The best app and software to edit your images and improve their quality


Description: Easy to use and really powerful way to edit your photos, improve their quality and make a good impression. Enjoy using all the options make at your disposal by this tool.

Platform: App for Android and iOS, Software for Windows

Price: Free

Description: Resize your photos in order to fit perfectly with the size of Instagram, add some text, backgrounds, filter, sticker and create amazing collages putting your favorite photos together.

Platform: App for Android

Price: Free


Description: You see an amazing black and white photo and you want to use it in your projects but you want it colored. How could you do? Easy! Use the intelligent Algorithmia’s algorithm to automatically colorize your photos.

Platform: Website

Price:  Free

pic monkey

Description: A very powerful and complete photo editing tool with more than 60 effects and filters, 3000+ graphics and icons, thousands of fonts, templates and everything you could desire to edit your images.

Platform: Website

Price: Different kind of plans


Description: Useful tool to adapt your images and graphics at different social media.

Platform: Website

Price:  Free

Description: Incredible photo editor software, It has thousands of useful tools to do everything with your images. Remove backgrounds, apply some visual effects, add text, sticker, frames and much more.

Platform: Website or Software for Windows

Price:  Free + Different kind of plans


Description: Pixlr is a photo editing tool completely online without any software installation, that allows you to edit your images easily with a lot of free graphic tools.

Platform: Website + App for Android and iOS

Price:  Free

Adobe Lightroom

Description: If you want to do photo editing at the top levels this is the software for you. With Adobe Lightroom you have everything you need and more to make your photos amazing.

Platform: Software for Windows and Mac, App for Android and iOS

Price:  Free + Different kind of plans


Description: Complete photo editing suite support everything you’ll need to enhance photos and create stunning artworks.

Platform: Software for Windows

Price: Free + Paid


Description: inPixio helps photo enthusiasts to delete,  cut out objects, create photo montages and optimize images. You can find a lot of useful tools to retouch your photos and make them better.

Platform: Software for Windows and Mac

Price:  Free + Paid


Description: Fun, easy and powerful photo editor with a very limited free version but a very powerful cheap, pro version which allows you to manipulate your photos and improve them in thousands of different ways.

Platform: Website + App for Windows and iOS

Price:  Free + Different kind of plans


Description: One of the best free photo editing app developed by a big name, Google. It includes 29 tools and filters to edit your images as you want, completely free.

Platform: App for Windows and iOS

Price: Free


Description: Landscape is a very useful tool to adapt your images to different social media. Upload your photo, choose among Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest then click the use of your photo (profile, cover, channel icon ecc.) and download your new optimized images.

Platform: Website

Price:  Free


Description: Amazing easy to use tool to remove the background from your photos and add a new background directly from it. You can also edit the image if you’re not satisfied with the result very easily and quickly.

Platform: Website

Price:  Free + Different kind of plans

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