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The years pass and AI (Artificial Intelligence) is gaining ground in the daily life of each of us and opens up a series of opportunities in many areas. Creating automatic summaries online is just one of them.
Today we host Giovanni Fabris who has the merit of having created a project of great depth: Ultimate Tools.

His project is a collection of tools for digital marketing, Toolperstartup could not miss the opportunity to collaborate with a tool enthusiast.

What is Rytr

In this article, talk about artificial intelligence applied to the world of
content creation, a trend that is depopulating in the world and which in addition to having certainly positive consequences for the world of digital marketing, however, also lends itself to interpretations of a more negative nature.

The world of journalists is in turmoil, as are those who seek warmth, personal tone of voice and uniqueness in texts.

Today we will try to change some of these considerations by introducing a unique tool of its kind, Rytr.

Rytr - An AI Copywriting Tool Who Proclaims To be The Best | AI Content Writing Tool Review

This tool was designed and created with the aim of using language based models
on AI to automatically generate texts and content and thus obtain automatic online summaries that can be used on articles, blog posts, emails, announcements, social media post copy, video descriptions and much more.


Rytr uses a credit payment method which is basically the number of characters you are allowed to generate per month under your current plan.

Rytr offers 5000 free credits when creating an account so that you can try all the appropriate tests in such a sensitive subject before buying. Then you can upgrade to the premium plan at $ 19 / month (until Tuesday May 27th at 7pm, then it will go up to $ 29 / month) which allows you to get unlimited characters.

A lifetime offer for $ 39 is still available for a few days!

How to create automatic summaries online with Rytr
Rytr is an artificial intelligence-based platform designed to help companies a
create textual content aimed at the acquisition, loyalty and involvement of
its customers. Therefore, it falls under the right of Content Marketing tools

Rytr’s goal is to automate the content creation processes that
often and willingly involve a particularly high expenditure of time and energy.

Using this tool is very easy. All you have to do is create an account and log into
work. It will take a few moments to have your content ready to use.

Automatic online language summaries

The first function you will need to set up is obviously the language. If you are wondering if
Italian is present, the answer is obviously yes. In addition to the Italian language, you will be able to create
also contained in English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Greek, Hebrew,
Indonesian, Japanese, Norwegian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish.

Automatic online language summaries

The second step will be to choose the tone of voice for your content. You will have the
ability to range from a wide range of tones: convincing, grateful, assertive,
astounded, innocent, casual, cautious, compassionate, honest, enthusiastic, formal,
funny, humble, inspirational, passionate, thoughtful, urgent and worried.

Automatic online tone summaries

Once the language and tone of voice have been defined, it will be time to choose the platform or
the opportunity to use the textual content. Because Rytr offers so much more than creating automatic summaries online.

Here is a list of all the platforms and ways this tool can be

  • Articles and ideas for blogs
  • Texts for articles and blog posts
  • Pitch for business ideas
  • Email and newsletter
  • Facebook, Google and LinkedIn Ads
  • Questions for a job interview
  • Job description
  • Description of a landing page
  • Ideas for posts and captions
  • Description of a product sheet
  • Biography of a social profile
  • SEO meta description
  • SEO meta title
  • Tagline and headline
  • Testimonals and reviews
  • Adding text to a sentence (at the beginning or at the end)
  • Reformulation of a content
  • Summary of a content
  • Description of a video channel
  • Description of a video
  • Ideas for a video

Automatic online content summaries

At this point, all you have to do is choose the number of variants and click on “Ryte for me”
to be able to generate textual content in the blink of an eye.

Is Rytr’s content original?

We know very well that this is the question you have asked yourself since the beginning of this
article, and it’s perfectly understandable: are Rytr’s contents original or not?

The answer is yes, Rytr’s contents are original in almost all cases. We have
used the term “almost” because it is not possible precisely since it is artificial intelligence
guarantee the complete and complete uniqueness of the contents.

In fact, AI works by extrapolating data and information from the web and especially when dealing
niche themes and topics, it is possible that the elaborated content has small parts with
slight similarities or duplications. In any case, you will always have the possibility to receive and
generate up to 3 variations at a time for each individual content, modifying it and customizing it as you wish.

Furthermore, Rytr has already communicated its intention to create a level control software for
plagiarism to be integrated into the platform, in order to guarantee the complete originality of the
generated content.

What can we say then? You just have to try it and let us know in the comments or on social networks what you think and if you believe that this kind of tool can really mean a revolution in the world of copywriting, perhaps by enhancing that personal touch that only human intervention can give.

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